Patateria Laurie,
in Reus from 1953

Our history

Historia Laurie

Patateria Laurie is potato chips and snack shop located in Reus Plaça del Mercadal, the heart of the local tradition and culture of the city. Our business began in 1953 with the preparation of churros and chips. Over the more than 60 years, has redefined the nature of the business until today, carrying on the retail sale of chips and snack foods.

We are known for selling a traditional and quality product. It is usual for people of Reus and the county to buy the product every week to make vermouth and consume it with the family at home. This tradition has continued over the last 60 years, passing from generation to generation and remaining in the collective memory of consumers. Last years, Patateria Laurie’s products have been introduced in various local stores so they can be accessible for everyone.

The star product is made from selected potatoes, fried in oil (sunflower and olive) and salt. It has kept the traditional fried potato production process under strict quality control to ensure the highest product quality and freshness for the consumers and maintain the organoleptic characteristics typical of Laurie’s potato chips.

The Patateria Laurie’s family products are potato chips with salt and unsalted, stick potato chips, and snack foods like potato wheels, onion rings, wheat squares …

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